Quitter Yarns is run by me, Niklas! Hi! 

My pronouns are They/Them
I am a queer person who loves colour and knitting which is where I got the name Quitter yarns from, queer knitter yarns. But also, it's just nice to quit sometimes, right? I started this wanted to dye yarn that makes me happy, it's really not much deeper than that. That being said, when I had the ability to select my own bases and products I wanted focus on highlighting more organic and non super wash yarn as. well as also offer a curated line of my favourite accessories and tools that I myself use in my day to day. 

You can find me over on instagram as NiklasKnits and on Ravelry also as NiklasKnits.

I love coffee, frog memes, and believing I can do the splits even though I definitely can't.

mucho love